Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System

Manhattan is a Leader in the 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™

  for Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and is once again positioned highest on Ability to Execute and furthest on Completeness of Vision. Recognized as a leader for the 16th time by Gartner, Manhattan is a leading vendor to offer a 100% microservice cloud-native WMS.

Features + Functions

  Support sophisticated warehousing needs, including value-added services, lot management, serial number tracking and product recalls. Leverage advanced fulfilment logic for wave management, constraint-based selection, real-time replenishment and advanced order cartonization. Eliminate costly physical counts with auditor-approved cycle counting functionality. Streamline inventory receiving processes with cross-docking, quality audit and vendor performance
  Utilise integrated transportation execution, including freight bill reconciliation, zone skipping/LTL pooling and rate shopping Automate information capture via RF, voice and material handling equipment technologies Accommodate Omni-channel and/or multi-tenant fulfilment Hosted on premise or in the cloud

  A warehouse management system (WMS) is a supply chain software solution that oversees, streamlines and coordinates every aspect of distribution in a warehouse or distribution center. It is used by manufacturers, distributors and merchants of all sizes to drive the utmost efficient labor and fulfillment capabilities and to maximize inventory storage. In short, it optimizes warehouse inventory management software and operational capabilities.

What is a Manhattan Active® WMS?

Unified Distribution Control

  Run the entire enterprise from a single app with command of fulfillment, labor, slotting, and automation.

 Global Visibility

  See real-time performance for your entire supply chain—or just one facility.

 Facility-Level Visibility

  Manhattan's WMS software allows you to see the facility’s overall inbound and outbound—along with individual, departmental, and overall performance against goals.

 Actionable Insights

  Identify areas showing less-than-expected performance with a single tap.

 Digital Twins

  Manhattan’s WMS system allows you to see an employee or resource in a digital representation of the warehouse—and react with people, equipment, and tasks in real time.

Unified Planning

  Optimize order fulfillment with machine learning that maximizes efficiency, productivity, and profitability—while simultaneously processing retail, wholesale, and direct demand.

 Order Streaming

  Leverage intelligent, automated resource orchestration with a system that adjusts to new orders, labor changes, equipment failures, and more—keeping the facility at maximum utilization.

 Execution-Driven Planning

  As workers and machines execute tasks, Order Streaming records each action—over time it anticipates how long a task will take based on factors like number of stops, distance travelled, location, and time.

 Adaptive Work Planning

  Regulate the pace and amount of work—selectively delaying some fulfillment decisions, while taking advantage of execution feedback or changes in the order pool.

 Smart Task Execution

  Create and modify pick paths in real time—using machine learning to accommodate worker decisions.

Unified Execution

  Eliminate barriers to efficiency like 'pick type' and 'order type' by orchestrating put-away, picking, slotting, sorting, and packing activities simultaneously.

 Dynamic Workflow

  Set up dynamic workflows with configuration wizards that adjust to match real-time operations.

 Engaged Experiences

  Logistics capabilities are unified in a single app, which means less training for users, more visibility and control for supervisors, and intuitive workflows with configurable instructions, images, and actions.

 Optimized Slotting

  Integrate slot and re-slot into put away and picking workflows.

 Targeted Support

  Support for hundreds of needs—lot management, perishable fast flow, load stop sequencing and more—across industries like retail, apparel, footwear, direct-to-consumer, food, grocery, 3PL, life sciences, and high tech electronics.

Unified Automation

  Use technology to your advantage to simplify the process and save time.


  Use machine learning to optimize fulfillment across advanced automation, robotics, and human associates.

 Person and Machine in Sync

  Get maximum throughput when every asset (automation, robotics, people) works together.

 WES Inside WMS

  Manhattan Active WM's software integrates advanced material handling equipment, such as sortation equipment, put walls, and automated storage and retrieval, as well as the latest robotic solutions.

 Manhattan Automation Network

  Make it easy to onboard automation technology by building base integrations and pretesting them collaboratively.

What is Manhattan SCALE?

  • Manhattan SCALE is an affordable warehouse management system offered by Manhattan Associates.
  • Manhattan SCALE WMS helps businesses optimize warehouse operations by providing tools for inventory management, order fulfillment, and transportation management.
  • Manhattan SCALE is built on a cloud-based platform and can be accessed from any device with a web browser. It also supports multiple languages, currencies, and units of measure.
  • Manhattan SCALE can be integrated with other Manhattan solutions—such as Manhattan Active® Transportation and Manhattan Inventory Planning—to provide a comprehensive supply chain management solution.

What technology is Manhattan SCALE built on?

  • Manhattan SCALE is built on Microsoft technologies and is highly configurable to meet individual needs. It can be deployed on premise or in the cloud.

How can Manhattan SCALE improve warehouse productivity?

  • Manhattan SCALE is a supply chain solution that is scaled to fit, ready to run, and sets the standard for leading-edge, highly mobile warehouse management system (WMS) technology and innovation. Its solution capabilities provide solves for warehouse management challenges with wearable devices, intelligent integration between those devices, ease of access, and the general push to an “always on, always optimizing, always current” warehouse management solution.

What are my Manhattan SCALE deployment options?

  • Manhattan SCALE is available across a variety of deployment options—public cloud, private cloud, managed/hosted, or on-premises—to serve an array of needs, capabilities, and budgets.
As part of our Manhattan Distribution solutions, Manhattan SCALE is available in a Manhattan-hosted cloud option. Within the Manhattan cloud, annual upgrades provide the next version of an application each year so you can take advantage of new features and functions. Our Manhattan SCALE cloud upgrade service includes the option to automatically migrate custom extensions.

Features & Functions

  • Enhance warehouse layout for faster fulfilment and overhead reduction
  • Improve order accuracy and reduce safety stock
  • Simplify order fulfilment by optimising how orders are aggregated, picked and shipped
  • Optimise labor, slotting and billing processesacross your warehouse
  • Forecast labor needs accurately, improve labor efficiency andreduce overtime hours
  • Provide real-time exchange of business information
  • Share data, alert functions, views and reports across your organization and with trading partners
  • Gain visibility into all trailers and other assets in the yard and their precise locations
  • Reduce transportation costs with optimised routing, rate shopping and carrier selection
  • Minimise freight spend via shipment consolidation

WMS Features

  Labor typically represents 50-75% of total warehouse costs, making it a critical component of your supply chain for on-going improvement and optimization.

Optimise your warehouse workforce with precision.

  labor management system has a proven track record for reducing labor costs while decreasing employee turnover by rewarding efficiency, quality and safety. With these advanced labor scheduling and labor tracking tools you can meet increasing demands for Omni-channel operations planning. Our DM mobile application can help move supervisors out onto the warehouse floor where they can better interact with their teams.

Features + Functions

  • Understand how staff is performing against engineered standards
  • Use ‘what-if’ analysis to determine optimal staff composition
  • Forecast and plan labor by day, shift, job and zone
  • Forecast staffing requirements and optimize employee schedules
  • Optimize overtime, regular and temporary labor based on demand forecasts
  • Use mobile capabilities to facilitate more supervisor time spent on the floor with real-time data on employee productivity and performance
  • Calculate incentive pay and feed into payroll systems
  • Available on Open Systems, .NET and IBM I Series platforms

In warehouses, like real estate, location makes all the difference.

  Where you place your product affects productivity, worker safety and order accuracy. You want fast-moving items in the most accessible locations, kitted items kept together, heavy items placed to minimise damage, and your total storage capacity optimised.
  Our powerful solution increases picking efficiency, reduces replenishment requirements and maximizes throughput by determining the best slot locations for all products in the DC.

Features + Functions

  • Easily set and re-set warehouse pick locations by season or on demand
  • Strategically group items for rapid fulfilment and update placement based on trends and variations
  • Use product characteristics and velocity to calculate a relative value for each potential placement
  • Aggregate values for all products, compare millions of move combinations against user-configured strategies
  • Simulate different rule sets to find optimal configurations with scenario management capabilities