Optimization Software System

  Primarius provides our OMS inventory Optimization software solution to radically improve a company’s ability to manage their inventory. This system, hosted on Primarius’ server, provides a unique and previously unavailable solution to a serious gap in business solutions.
  • Advance planning system
  • Controls the planning and management of inventory
  • Goal is to increase stock turn and improve DIFOT9Delivery In full, On time)

  OMS is a best of breed advanced planning system designed by Primarius to optimise the use of inventory. OMS has been developed to increase stock turns, reduce inventory levels and improve customer service – that is, allow orders to be filled on time, in full, with considerably less inventory than before.

  Primarius’ OMS Toolset incorporates a sophisticated demand planning toolset, capable of producing a product forecast for every item, in every location, accounting for trends, seasonality and promotional activity. Against this forecast of product demand, OMS uses a sophisticated supply planner which determines the best quantity of items to be bought, and when, to meet financial and operational constraints such as inventory level values or stock turn targets. Finally OMS applies a distribution planning system, enabling the company to transfer the right stock to the best location to meet customer needs.
  Some typical business benefits provided by OMS include:
    • Business Inventory Profitability Solutions
    • Product Forecasting for every item at every location
    • Reductions in Products Out of Stock
    • Overstock Control and Visibility
    • Reduction in Expedited Freight Costs
    • Improved Inventory Management
    • Bill of Material planning functionality
    • Supplier Forecasts
    • Range Performance Reviews
    • Budget Management - Sales Forecasts
    • Cash Flow Forecasting
    • Distribution Planning
    • Promotions Planning functionality