What does "availability" really mean?

  We developed Available to Commerce* because there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Availability can be different based on your customer, your inventory and you.
  Available to Commerce is an advanced rules engine that sits on top of Enterprise Inventory, allowing you to define views or scenarios to match the right customer to the right units of network inventory.

Features + Functions

  • Harness the power of always selling against network inventory
  • Set rules around inventory availability based on a variety of factors
  • Generate real-time inventory stock alerts
  • Provide selling channels with a global view of inventory via a centralized, callable service
  • Manage availability through operational constraints such as fulfillment outages store workload

   Let your network do the selling. Our Omni-Channel Central solutions provide the infrastructure retailers need to build a highly adaptable organization.

Convert your call centre into a profit centre.

  Manage the complete order lifecycle through omni-channel customer service, distributed selling and order fulfilment optimisation capabilities.

Features + Functions

  • Provide CSRs fast and easy access to a customer’s most recent transactions originating from any channel
  • Make order inquiry calls shorter by providing the most requested information with fewer clicks
  • Provide ability to enter and manage orders in a call center
  • Support order capture functions like pricing, promotions, taxes and payment processing
  • Support returns/exchanges for orders from any channel
  • Enable click and collection store conversations with customers and accommodate their preferences
  • Provide a view of the full lifecycle of every customer transaction
  • Enable a rich user experience through an intuitive user interface
  • Give CSRs the ability to sell across the entire network using multiple delivery methods like ship to address, pick-up in store and ship to store

Optimize order fulfilment with DOM.

  Our Distributed Order Management software gives omni-channel retailers and consumer goods manufacturers with retail operations the tools to manage, monitor and optimise cross-channel order management—from the time of order entry through funding sourcing, allocation, shipping and settlement. Regardless of whether an order originates online, in-store, through the call centre or catalogue, our Distributed Order Management software provides a global, real-time view of inventory, order status and location.

Features + Functions

  • Minimise delivery time and maximise order profitability by optimizing selection of the fulfilment location using the defined customer service and profitability
  • Manage multiple fulfilment constraints such as fulfilment outages, capacity constraints and inventory protection
  • Orchestrate complex merge-in-transit fulfilment flows to provide single delivery to the customer
  • Enable vendor drop-ship order fulfilment
  • Manage retail/replenishment order fulfilment through purpose-built strategies
  • Predict and manage inventory shortages, potential customer service issues and delivery problems