Transportation Management System

Resource Allocation and Vehicle Routing Tool

  • Advance planning system
  • Controls the planning and management of inventory
  • Goal is to increase stock turn and improve DIFOT(Delivery In full, On time)

  Determines the best use of resources

    • Products/vehicle compatibility(DG,Frozen,Ambient)
    • Curfews/vehicle access limitations
    • DeliveryWindows
    • Individual territories/regions?
    • Licensing constraints for drivers
    • DC or home base vehicles

  Primarius’ F-OPT Vehicle Routing Optimisation toolset is a freight asset routing system, which can manage a large variety of constraints to produce optimised vehicle tasks and routes on a dynamic basis. The range of constraints able to be handled by the system include –
  1. Approach
    • Analysis of existing methodologies
    • Modeling and Simulation of alternatives
    • Development and Implementation of optimised system
  Primarius optimisation toolsets are readily configurable to handle the complexities of most transport businesses.
  2. F-OPT Benefits
    • Simple data interface
    • Dynamic routing via HP/SMS Communications
    • Turn by turn instructions
    • Utilised over WAN or WEB
    • Google Maps interface
    • Can be integrated with GPS Tracking System
  3. Initial Data Requirements
    • Locations (Customers, warehouses and suppliers)
    • Resources and Availability (Vehicles and operators)
    • Resource constraints (Limitations and compatibilities)
    • Tasks (Deliveries, supply pickups, returns), and
    • Customer orders (via host data dump).
  4. Reports
    • Route summaries,
    • Route sheets
    • Turn by Turn directions,
    • Spreadsheet download
    • Custom reports when required

  Primarius specialises in providing solutions for these complex planning problems. Our Resource and Route Optimisation solutions manage the complexity of multiple constraints to provide field service teams with routes planned for maximum efficiency based on the tasks, resources, times and other constraints applicable to the work.

Our solutions provide business with the ability to handle multiple constraints such as –

  • Activities conducted ( When, What, Amount),
  • Resources ( Assets, People, Equipment and Availabilities),
   Productivity (By Resource, Activity, Time Period),
  • Priorities (Rules of Engagement),
  • Service levels (Acceptable or Required), and
  • Costs (Fixed, Variable, Marginal).

Our solutions provide –

  • Simple data interface,
  • Route schedules with turn by turn instructions,
  • Dynamic routing via HP/SMS Communications
  • Utilisation over WAN or Web
  • Google Maps interface and
  • Interface capabilities with GPS Tracking Systems.