Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System

In 2016, ranked best warehouse software for eight consecutive years.

  Our Warehouse Management solution works across inventory, labor, space and compliance. Integrated with our supply chain convergence systems, transportation software and business intelligence systems, you can achieve Omni-channel commerce success.

Features + Functions

  Support sophisticated warehousing needs, including value-added services, lot management, serial number tracking and product recalls. Leverage advanced fulfilment logic for wave management, constraint-based selection, real-time replenishment and advanced order cartonization. Eliminate costly physical counts with auditor-approved cycle counting functionality. Streamline inventory receiving processes with cross-docking, quality audit and vendor performance
  Utilise integrated transportation execution, including freight bill reconciliation, zone skipping/LTL pooling and rate shopping Automate information capture via RF, voice and material handling equipment technologies Accommodate Omni-channel and/or multi-tenant fulfilment Hosted on premise or in the cloud

Supply chain technology that’s scaled to fit and ready to run.

  In a marketplace that can change on a dime, you need agility and scalability to quickly seize new opportunities while still maintaining operational efficiencies. Manhattan SCALE, powered by Microsoft's .NET platform, is the right solution for demanding distribution issues and provides an ideal blend of features, functions and technology for organizations seeking to solve supply chain execution challenges.

Features & Functions

  • Enhance warehouse layout for faster fulfilment and overhead reduction
  • Improve order accuracy and reduce safety stock
  • Simplify order fulfilment by optimising how orders are aggregated, picked and shipped
  • Optimise labor, slotting and billing processesacross your warehouse
  • Forecast labor needs accurately, improve labor efficiency andreduce overtime hours
  • Provide real-time exchange of business information
  • Share data, alert functions, views and reports across your organization and with trading partners
  • Gain visibility into all trailers and other assets in the yard and their precise locations
  • Reduce transportation costs with optimised routing, rate shopping and carrier selection
  • Minimise freight spend via shipment consolidation

Manhattan Scale - Brochure

  As the only pure-play technology innovator in our market, we bring unmatched focus on the innovation that is the most valuable and impactful for our customers, including a single, holistic technology architecture with three major benefits:
    1. Cross-Functional Business Solutions
    2. Total Cost of Ownership
    3. The Power of Shared Components

Cross-Functional Business Solutions

  The ability to apportion freight, labour, inventory handling and overhead costs across the supply chain to determine an item’s total cost to serve (TCO) for an end customer normally requires a massive integration and harmonization effort.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  For IT executives, our platform enables TCO through consistency. You get a single set of tools to administrate security, resource management, system configuration and integration across disciplines to allow for economies of scale. The use of standard technologies, development tools and languages also ensures needed technical skills are readily available in the marketplace

The Power of Shared Components

  When an organization has multiple disparate systems, there are frequently redundant capabilities found across the enterprise. Examples include yard management, parcel shipping and inventory visibility. The consequences of duplicate systems range from the simple confusion brought on by different naming conventions to the expensive and complex data becoming out of sync, resulting in missed appointments, chargebacks and similar.

This platform-based approach enables our customers around the world to get closer to their customers and achieve real-world ROI and results such as:

  • 10-25% decrease in inventory costs
  • 15-30% labour savings
  • 1-3% decrease in distribution costs as a percentage of sales
  The Manhattan Platform provides the power to see and act in real-time or ahead of time—so that your performance is optimised every time.